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Quote from an email by Vicki Merritt:

> So, now you need to take time to tell me more about where you are and
> what you are doing--still in SC by any chance or have you wandered afar?
> Memory [which is the first to go they say!] tells me you were still in
> the Greenville area last time we were in touch.
> Waiting for more, Vicki
Well, we can't let this one pass. . .

I am still in Greenville, SC, and working for a major corporation as a un*x wizard. Since that is obviously not enough to keep me busy (har,har) I also help out occasionally at ACSinc.NET where The Buzzards' Roost is located. Psalm 127:2 never seemed more true than it does now!

Also, still on my first-and-only marriage to the former Pamela Riché. We have two daughters, Vanessa and Annette, and two granddaughters. We have been attending Calvary Chapel in Asheville NC for about a year now. Yes, Asheville. Some guys commute to work, I commute to church. But I do attend the Greenville Calvary Chapel on Wednesday nights, since my office is only one exit north of it on I-385.

Let's see. Oh, yes, I have an old Baldwin organ here, but I hardly ever play it anymore. The latest instrument I have taken up is the Celtic harp.

Further news

In 1995 I had surgery to straighten my spinal curvature, and nearly died of a postoperative infection. The repair involved fusing most of the vertebrae in the curved area and installing two rods to hold them in place while the bones fused together. In August 1997 one of the rods broke. (Felt like a major attack of the flu.) Don't ask me how stainless steel attached to solid bone can break like that. The obvious answer would seem to imply that the bone is not all that solid.

There has been some talk of going in and pulling the rods out, since their only purpose was to hold the vertebrae in place until they fused. Not much use in trying to TIG-weld the broken one anyway. ;->

I'll definitely appreciate the resurrection body. Meanwhile, "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" ;-}

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