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Now: Still with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Fred as auto shop manager, traveling every chance he gets; Pam, editing audio tapes by computer.

Highlights: married 6/3/72; Wendy, 12/31/73, to Mexico with Wycliffe, 1/5/75, Celinda Grace, 6/30/75, Terry 9/26/76. Wendy married Wycliffe MK Peter Smith 6/24/95--she teaches physics at Wheaton Academy, IL. Grace married Matthew Peverly 12/30/94--they have a 2 yr. old son August. Terry is in the Army Band, Alaska--may attend CIU beginning next fall. We're still in love after 25 yrs.!

Our children's anniversary gift to us: they all joined us for 2 weeks in Mexico. I think it was the best gift we ever received. The girls showed their husbands many places from childhood and we showed them all a few new ones. We visited the 3 centers where we'd lived, spent 3 days at the beach, saw pyramids and ruins, shopped, played, sang and enjoyed each other.

Tuggy Times
November 1998

New Job: I've been working again in the Audio Dept. at the SIL Center as I am able. I use a new program that allows me to edit native language recordings on a computer. I love it! It's so intense though I tire after 2 hours, especially after going down 3 flights of stairs to reach the office. Tug and I are hoping that soon we can install a specialized sound card into our personal computer so I can work at home. Some friends are making that possible. We expect it to be less wearing and that I'll be able to put in more hours. Right now I'm working about 4 hours a weekó2 mornings.

To Mexico: In February Tug and I lead a group of volunteers to visit our SIL centers in Mexico. Besides enjoying some tourist attractions, they gave translators some needed help. They worked harder than we did!

Tuggy Travels: From mid-June to mid-August, Tug and I traveled in a 1982 motorhome to the Tacoma, WA area for Terry's & Maiya's wedding, then through Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska to help them get their car & goods moved. We also traveled south to the tip of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, visiting friends along the way. Then the newlyweds drove back 4000 miles with us for a reception honoring them in Tucson, after which they moved into their apartment in Portland, OR.

New Daughter-in-law: In Kent, WA, on June 26 our son Terry married Maija [MAH-YAH] Woody in a beautiful ceremony performed by his grandfather Alfred Tuggy. Maija grew up in Northpole, AK. They met at the University of AK in Fairbanks. She & Terry road with us from Fairbanks to Tuscon so we've gotten to know her some already and love her! We can see God planned them for each other. Terry is out of the Army, now in the Reserves, and studying at Multnomah Bible College. Maija is working in a law office and hopes to begin her last year of college next year.

New Grandson: Alexander Kent Peverly was born to Matthew and Grace on Sept. 10. Big brother August, 3, has decided to keep him. His first few days were spent in the Intensive Care Unit, but is is home now and doing fairly well. Alex is a cute baby (naturally!) and more relaxed than August.

Ecuador: In Sept. Tug spent 2 weeks in Guayaquil and Quito with a group from our church helping build Sunday School rooms onto a church building. He enjoyed being back in the country he visited in his youth and getting involved in a missions project with our pastor.

Partners: Those of you who pray and give for our needs are indispensable. God meets each need through different people or circumstances at different times. You are to us as Aaron & Hur was to Moses [Ex. 17:12]. As always, we thank God for you. After many travels, work piled up at the auto shop and several responsibilities at church. Tug needs your prayer for strength and wisdom from God.

Happy Holidays: We're thankful for our Lord's birth on earth and anticipate His return. We wish you all a joyous Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas.

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