The '73 Buzzards' '98 Reunion!

official reunion pic Saturday morning, the whole gang.
reunion pic 2 Friday afternoon, Joe Medina, Sylvia Phelps and <unidentified>.
reunion pic 3 Al & Cindy & Fred & Pam.
reunion pic 4 The Estes with Joni. (Please bear with me till I create a thumbnail image for this link.)
reunion pic 5 Friday lunch, Marlita and Glynis listen to Ragsdales (not in picture).
reunion pic 6 Bruce and Toni read the hard copy of the Buzzards' Roost while Mike looks on with Deb&Deb in the background.
reunion pic 7 Mike brought the family photo album featuring pictures of his son.
reunion pic 8 Did Marlita just find something incriminating on the Roost?
reunion pic 11 Friday lunch, the Buzzards at table.
reunion pic 13 Fred talks 'over' Mrs. Supplee.   Easy mistake.

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