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June 4 1998 update

Just a quick note to ask that you say a prayer next week as we turn in my prospectus paper. Three readers will be reading it in the next 2-3 weeks and then the committee will be voting. After that then we get to go do what I have recommended and then write that up into a final report. WOW!!!!!

I get a few weeks to catch my breath before the fire is at my heels all over again in getting my call notes ready to teach my leadership training seminar.

Thanks for your prayers. We have done nothing but paper since seeing you at CBC. All our family is doing well. Let us hear from you when you get a chance.

June 8 1998 update

I turned it in today. Two readers will read it. One for style and the other for content. Then it goes before a committee and they will vote to accept, accept with changes or ask for a rewrite. After I get the word from the committee then I get to go do what I am suggesting to do; then I write that up into another final report that I have to defend. I should know something by July 6 at the latest. Thanks for praying.
In His service,
Bruce Hickman

June 18 1998 update

Just a quick note to let you know that my Prospectus did pass. I found out yesterday that they said that it was one of the best ones that they have seen in a long time. Thanks for praying!!!! Toni did a great job typing all 171 pages!!! The next step is to go do what I have suggested and then write a final report of 75-125 pages. I hope to do the project in Aug and Sept. and then write until Dec. and turn it in by then. Again thanks for your continued prayers.
I hope all is well with you and will keep you updated on the progress.

July 15 1998 update

In response to a little prompting, Bruce tells us what the project is.

I have developed a teacher training seminar for leadership in College ministry. We will meet for 5 weeks and talk about fundamentals and then go on a weekend retreat where we will apply the beginning principles to 6 key areas of how to reach college students. I have spent the last year working on this. I see a book coming out of this in the future as well. My classes start Aug. 16. My prayer is that God will use this study to help reach students for Christ. Thanks for your interest and prayers -- Bruce

27 Feb 1999 update

Just a short note to ask you to pray. Toni's mother has been diagnosed with cancer for the lung and she would not survive an operation as per the Doctor. She is taking chemotherapy and is doing well but...we don't know how much time she has. She does know the Lord and is ready to go be with Him but it is still tough.

Bruce has finished his paper and turned it in and is now waiting on orals and graduation May 15th. Pray that God will lead us to the place of service that He has for us and that it will be His place and His timing.

Thanks and let us hear from you soon.

Bruce and Toni Hickman

21 April 1999 update

thanks for your prayers!!!
Bruce passed his oral!!!! Praise the Lord!!!
We have a few pages to correct and turn in and then graduation May 15.
Continue to pray for us that The Lord will guide us to His place of service.
Again thank you for all your prayers

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