Buzzard Bylines 1983

This year I received several phone calls: Larry Allen has been at the same job for almost 10 years, working in the Pentagon (for the Army). Another CBC grad works in the same 'cell' and he is thankful for the fellowship. Steve Fields is a purchasing agent for World Carpet but is going into business for himself in fire safety and prevention. He is still active and travels often to tournaments, etc. He and Debbie hope to visit his parents in Kenya later this year. Hakens are back in Waxhaw while Paul finishes flight orientation. They'll return to Pennsylvania in mid-summer to await their field assignment. Glynis & David need special prayer the next few months. April 4-14 David will be in Guatemala on a mission trip. In May or June, they'll be moving to Wake Forest, NC where David will finish a Master's degree at Southeastern Bapt. Seminary. After a miscarriage in Oct., they are expecting a baby in late Sept. Things are about the same for the Thames. They look forward to having Terry's sisters here for Homecoming (Oct. 13-15) and welcome company any time. Chris & Anne Matthies are still active at World Gospel Church and seeking the Lord's will concerning the mission field. Chris is operations manager of the computer center at the SC Dept. of Mental Health.

New Buzzard babes:

  • Joshua William Chestnut, August 19, 1982
  • Benjamin Christoph Stahl, March 7, 1982
  • Charles Ryan Winter, March 21, 1982
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